Dimitris Rizos

Born in Lamia, Greece

Lives & works in Athens, Creece


1985 - 1989: National Technical University of Athens

Bachelor's Degree of Architect Engineer, equivalent to a Master's Degree Architecture, Specialisation in the Bioclimatic Planning (Sustainable or Green Architecture).

1985 - 1987: Marasleios Education Academy of Athens

Bachelor's Degree of Pedagogic Academy, “The child and the school building” inquiring work 1986, in Athens, Greece (Hellas).


Bachelor's Degree of Educational Technologist Civil Engineer - Transportation and Hydraulic Works, Maroussi Attica, Greece (Hellas).

1979 - 1981: Secondary Technical Education (D.T.E.)

Degree, Topographer Foreman - Secondary Technical Education (D.T.E.), equivalent to a AS level (Advanced Supplementary level), in Athens, Greece.
1990 to Present: Architect in DRBW Architects

Architecture - Decoration - Urban Planning

Athens Greece (Hellas).



1997 – 1998: Prefecture of Fthiotida

Technical Advisor
Technical Advisor Prefecture Fthiotida with 1756/27.8.97 decision Prefect Fthiotida, Lamia, Greece (Hellas).


1991 – 1999: AKTO SA Director of Studies

Athens Greece (Hellas)



1989 – 1990: Assistant Architect in Architectural office Stelios Agiostratitis aa-Associates Architects & Engineers, Ekali, Athens Greece (Hellas)





Grants & Awards


1997 - Prize in (after invitation) to Architectural Competition.
Permanent Premises of Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) Greece.

Organized by Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) Greece in 1997 -


1995 - Prize for the Cultural Center Foundation GAZI-TRIANTAFYLLOPOULOU

Organized by Nikolaos Gazis in 1995, Athens, Greece (Hellas).

1989 - Prize for Composition and bioclimatic areas of education and health

Organized by Research Area of the European Union in 1989.
Pan-European Architectural Competition «Working in the City», organized by the Research EU 1989. Prize for Composition and bioclimatic areas of education and health - Dublin, Ireland 1989.




1998 - The Wooden Construction and Contreplaque (Plywood) ION 1989


1998 - Οι Ξύλινες Κατασκευές & τα Αντικολλητά Ξύλα (Plywood), Εκδόσεις «ΙΩΝ» Αθήνα 1998



2007 July - The Wood

Annual Collector's Edition for Applications Wood, Summer 2007 - Reissue Winter 2010, publications Pegasus Publishing SA


2007 Ιούλιος - Το Ξύλο

Ετήσια Συλλεκτική Έκδοση για τις Εφαρμογές του Ξύλου, Καλοκαίρι 2007 - Επανέκδοση Χειμώνας 2010, Εκδόσεις «Πήγασος Α.Ε.